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Disclaimer: all the graphics in this website (except the ones noted below) are created by us. A lot of time and effort went into to them and therefore you can use them only after permission. If you want to use one or more graphics from this site please contact us.

Design: Robbert Jansen & Lilian van Ham

Technique: Robbert Jansen

Content: Robbert Jansen & Lilian van Ham

We wish to thank the following people:

  • BuckyB, for providing us with the coverscans of the Videopac games.
  • Daniel Boris for creating and André Rodrigues de la Rocha for maintaining and improving the fantastic O2EM emulator which has enabled us to make the animations and screenshots on this site.
  • Rene van den Enden, for helping us out with emulator problems so we could REALLY make all the animations :)
  • Arnoud Helmantel, for providing us with pictures of Jopac and New Releases covers and , very important, the Videopac font.


Lilian & Robbert

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